PP AC Universal Cable


The Universal Cable is a high efficiency converter cable. The cable is used to connect any brand 6V 3W hub or bottle dynamo such as Sram, Schmidt, Shimano, Suntour and Novatech, directly to you mobile phone, GPS or other device that requires a DC input of 5v up to 600mA to recharge it.

The cable converts, regulates and stabilizes the current to your device no matter what speed you ride at. The high efficiency components ensures that the cable remains cool at all speeds and produces the maximum energy from riding. Charging begins immediately you start riding.

The universal cable is not suitable to connect to iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. Connection to Apple products need to be through the v4i battery pack. The universal cable can be used with all PP+ battery packs.The cable has an adapter socket at one end and all of the PP+ adapters and short cables can be attached to it.


To charge the internal battery in the PP+ V series battery packs, attach to the PP+ universal cable to your hub dynamo, select the appropriate adapter for the
DC IN socket and insert it into the adapter socket on the cable and then to the battery pack
When riding the charging light will come on showing the internal battery is being charged.
To charge your phone while riding, select the adapter to fit your phone and insert it into the universal cable and your phone, your phone will show charging when riding.
Perform both functions together to charge your phone and the V series charger at the same time


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