Pulse Sprint


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The modern aluminium rim for club racers, climbers and weight watchers. This is one superfast rim, but at the same time, offering stiffness and an internal bead width of 18 millimetres. This will give a 25 mm tire stiffer side walls and a optimized rounded profile for better cornering. The low weight helps you climb faster and the high brake surface gives you the edge when it comes to slowing down on the descend.

For the modern, wide 11-speed cassettes, we built the rear rims with an offset spoke pattern. Spoke tension will be more even between left and right, giving you a stronger and longer lasting wheel


Size   Weight   Spoke holes Tires   Max spoke  Max rider weight
622x18   395 g   24/28/32   23-28mm   120 kg   100 kg
622x18   400 g   24/28/32   23-28mm   120 kg   100 kg

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