Shift:R voor Flatbars

The Shift:R - It is what many Rohloff Speedhub riders have waited for. The thumb shifter.
The Shift:R combines the legendary durability of the Rohloff Speedhub 500/14 with shifting comfort of a modern derailleur drive train system. Now some unique technical innovations allow you to choose a new ergonomic option for Speedhub equipped bikes.
  • EasyShift: The simplifi ed shifting logic with separate levers for low and high gears makes it easy to get used to
  • Improved ergonomics: with the Shift:R you can now use full-size grips on both hands
  • Flexibility: The Shift:R can be used on multiple bar types, e.g. drop bars or conventional fl at bars
  • Easy adjustment and fi ne tuning through the EAS system: cable tension can easily be adjusted right at the shifters
  • Easy installation: due to the ORS technology (Optimized remount sequence) the gear position of the Shift:R and the Speedhub don’t require synchronization
  • Using ICM (Inverse Cable Mount) technology an extremely compact shifting mechanism can be integrated in the Shift:R box

Scope of delivery

  • Thumb shifter for flatbars with a diameter of 22,2mm
  • Gear box

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