Xcite Double XX

Xcite Double XX

ATTENTION: Picutre differs to the final version.


Xcite Double X
smooth pressure 

26" aluminium version with aluminium shaft, postmountsystem and handlebar

Double Crown Design:
For those wondering about the maximum angle of turn, just stop and think about it for a moment, in forward movement no angle of turn larger than 90 degrees becomes necessary or viable. Nevertheless to ensure a maximum angle of turn, the necessary offset has been integrated into the crowns itself. Besides it enables the use of a straight dropout design with its further advantages. The stanchions and outer tubes point straight to the front axle. This reduces weight while improving stiffness. Stiffness: A double crown fork possesses a superior stiffness and safety with the same amount of in comparison with a single crown construction.
Integrated Handlebar:
A further particularly spectacular highlight in the Double X is the optional integrated handlebar. Combining over-all system weight with previously unknown ergonomic adjustability. The easily adjusted integrated steerer also enables various positions for different riding stiles and uses.



Note: Price includes handlebar

160 mm from 2.235 g (incl. handlebar)

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