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The Bosch/Magura ABS is presently incompatible with Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 units.
The ABS system requires an additional trigger wheel to be mounted to the 4-bolt brake rotor mount of the SPEEDHUB. The design of SPEEDHUB and E-14 Shifter Unit and External Transfer box fails to create the space requried to accommodate the additional thickness of this trigger wheel. As such, a colliison between these components is currently unavoidable.

Use of a trailer hitch in conjunction with a Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 is generally not a problem as long as one ensures that neither trailer nor hitch collide with any Rohloff component during a ride. This is especially important when used with an E-14 equipped SPEEDHUB unit. The E-14 shifter unit has a plastic cap which can easily be deformed when pressure is applied from collision with trailer hitches. The cap deformation can compromise the seal quality of this component and lead to further issues so must be avoided!

Use of washers/spacers or special adapters offered by the trailer hitch manufacturer should be used if necessary, to ensure enough clearance between the two components and thus avoid the sort of damage outlined above.


Bicycle trailer hitches which mount directly to the 12mm thru-axle, must not be used in conjunction with an A12 SPEEDHUB 500/14 unit. The additional thickness of the trailer hitch will hinder the specially produced M7 mounting bolt (increased stiffness) from penetrating the SPEEDHUB axle or axleplate deep enough. Threads will be stripped as there are not enough to adequately ensure the SPEEDHUB is mounted safely into the frame. A loose, insufficiently secured SPEEDHUB could lead to accidents and injuries so must be avoided.

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